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Scientific e-book about cyborgs

August 1, 2017

Welcome my fellow wannabe or actual cyborgs!


A lot of people are looking at the whole cyborg topic with a laugh. But not taking that seriously is just ignoring human evolution. A group of scientists at Adelaide University have now written a book about past and future human evolution.

According to them (and also to many other respected scientists in this field) evolution is not over yet. As we know it is just too slowly to observe. We are inside an ever changing system of great complexity.

Their book "The dynamic human" is focussing on human evolution, with a scope to future evolution: The integration of technology to the human body.

In fact they state, that humans are currently on an "edge". A lot of humans are currently relying on technology: Artificial limbs, pacemakers, etc.

Also the devices we are using on a daily or hourly basis are part of that evolution.

However, according to them, we must be cautious with evolving ourselves, because we should never underestimate the complexity of our own body.

As it is a scientific publication, it is a little expensive, but can be downloaded here in PDF and other formats.

If you buy and read it, I would be glad if you could send me a short review and your opinion... ;)


Story source:


University of Adelaide. "Cyborgs closer to becoming a reality of human evolution." ScienceDaily. www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/05/160527091214.htm (accessed May 30, 2016).

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