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Biohacking your workday

August 1, 2017

Biohacking is all about becoming the best version of yourself possible (as described in the "What is Biohacking"-section. There I described, what this could mean. This is another attempt to do that and, in one step, also describe a biohacked workday.

I am sure you can learn some things from that.

Down below there is also a video explaining these things again.


Becoming the best version of myself - how do I do that?

First of all, it is crucial that you know what you are. Similar when hacking a network, you have to know the base system you are working with - that is yourself, your body, your biological machine. We may understand that we are in a similar state to when we were in the stone age. We must also understand, how the processes in our body work, to efficiently use ourselves.

But how could I ever do that, right?


Here is an example of a biohacked workday (this is also explained in the video).


Nowadays with the wide variety of apps, wearables and other nice technological gadgets that is easier than ever. We can use sleep trackers (be it your smartphone, or some thing you lay underneath your sheets) to track how well how much we sleep.

When you do this a little, you learn how to read information out of these statistics, like illness, etc.

Without a good night sleep is the base of a good working, efficient, healthy organism.


After you sleep, you are probably hungry and want to have breakfast. A lot of nutrition experts nowadays recommend smoothies and a bunch of other things. There have been lots of experiments including smoothies, natural fruit and juice.

The findings are quite interesting. While it isn't so much the consistence of the food you are taking in and not so much the speed, it is in fact the variety of nutrients available in a blended smoothie. Especially blended berries help keeping blood sugar levels under control (which prevents you from having the munchies.

read this...

and take a look at that...

Let's look at another section of your every day live.


You are probably working with a PC, mobile device, etc. every day. All of these devices are equipped with an LCD-screen. Of course there are a lot of studies in this section too. Some of them clearly state that blue light influences the production of Melatonin. How that influences you? Melatonin is the substance that tells your body that it is time to sleep. The wavelength of red light (for example from a sunset) pushes the production of Melatonin, making you sleepy.

LCD-Screens emit a lot of blue light (depending on what you are doing). Your body will still produce Melatonin, but a lot slower - so you will take a lot more time to actually sleep.

What you can do against that:

There are glasses that block blue light (wear them while working or before going to sleep), there is an app called f.lux that filters out the blue light on a device, ...

Also Philips Hue (a light company) is providing technology to dim the light in your house via an app.


One very good tip for all of you: How to biohack your hangover...


Workout is biohacking too. For all of you that do not have time to go to the gym one hour or something like that, there is the 7-minute-scientific-workout that is based on the latest sports research. It is an interval training, that means you will have to time the exercises. But don't worry, there is also a timer online and an app for that.


Those of you willing to spend a little bit for meditation and relaxation can also get the Muse Interaxon sensor and app.  This is an app that lets you hear sounds like rainforest and beaches, while a brain sensor measures your brain activity. When you get less calm, the weather changes, guiding you back to a calm environment.

I didn't try it out myself, if you did, please write me... ;)


The last tip in this post is: never sit down when you work. Sitting down calms down your body - and you do not want that when working. Try walking around a lot, or stand at a table with a great hight. Keep your brain and body fit and working... ;)


Have fun watching the video...


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