How to become a cyborg

August 1, 2017

Hi to my Bodymodification friends!


Today, you will get to know me a little more. Eventually you will also hear of some things you want to have too. Without talking too much about what I am going to write about, I am just jumping right into the topic.


One and a half year ago I saw a documentary called "Brutal Schön" [de, ~ brutally beautiful; beautific]. It informed about all the kinds of stuff the bodymodification market has to offer and granted people an impression of that world.

The documentary was on quite late, but it still caught all my attention and fascination. Especially when I learned that Mark Benecke (a German criminal biologist, whom I am really a fan of (also because of his interviews in the TV-series "Autopsie - misteriöse Todesfälle")) got himself a magnet implanted. It was the first time I came in touch with the bodymodding world.


After seeing the documentary, I couldn't get the magnetic implant out of my head and started to inform myself about it - literally every day. I learned a lot of stuff - about the history, the developer, the problems with the first generation, etc.

As one year went by, I couldn't stop thinking about getting such an implant too.

I made that come true in August last year. (You can read about that in my blog. There are also some pictures to look at. Don't worry about the name it's just a pseudonym.)


I live with the magnet now for nearly a year and really think it enhanced me. - The additional information you get about things you touch or about magnetic fields in your surroundings. The useful things you can do with it, once you are used to it (e.g. suspending a laptop with just swiping your finger at a specific point,...) It is just amazing. (Read my blog... =P)


Little more than half a year later the RFID implant caught my attention. As I am now a little familiar with bodymodding and getting an implant it took me just some weeks to decide that I would get one.


At that point I really have to mention the German online shop

This is the shop where I bought the implant set (consisting of the needle, the implant, plasters and stuff). Their customer service for helping finding a piercer and for solving problems is just astonishing. When I had a question, they wrote me back in literally the next thirty minutes (sometimes even less). Good prices, good service, good choice... ;)

(No I am getting no money for that... =P)

In the online shop you can also get some gadgets like RFID-Door locks and stuff. Have fun browsing through... ;)


Yesterday at the 6th of June 2016 I packed the set in my backpack and went to my piercer in Vienna ( The owner is a very nice guy and handled everything really professional. The studio itself was very clean with high hygiene standards and has a very cool interior.

After some paperwork, we were ready to go and he put the needle in the right spot and positioned the tag into my hand. - As painful as it sounds, you really do not fell any pain.


By the way if you are curious like me and want to try to scan the RFID tag while it is still in the package - it won't work. =P

But as soon as it is under your skin it will work.


The possible applications for such an implant will grow a lot in the next years. Especially paying with an RFID-tag and RFID-keykards, etc. will become quite normal. (It is the same as paying by holding the smartphone near to a terminal scanner.)

I am really looking forward to these things.

Now I am playing a little with the possible applications like unlocking the phone or a pc, 



Since a couple of weeks I am also enhenced with the  NorthSense implant, but I will write a seperate blog post for that one :)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me... ;)

Enhance your mind - Become a cyborg... ;) =P

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