A cyborgs' day

August 1, 2017


What is reality? Many great philosophers have discussed that question. It is also discussed in the movie Matrix:

MORPHEUS: What is 'real'? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. This is the world that you know.


We already know very well, that there is a lot more than we can perceive with our senses. We cannot see ultraviolet light or taste gamma rays. But what if you could experience more about the world around us?
How would that feel and change our daily life?


Every time I get into the subway or a car, I can't help being fascinated about the things I feel:
Though everything is dark or I don't exactly know where I am, I feel it whenever I face north. It gives me confidence, knowing the subway or the car are going in a specific direction. Thanks to one of my additional senses I don't feel lost anymore, even when I don't use a map or find myself in a new place.
Besides giving me confidence my sense is also useful in combination with studying maps, remembering directions and navigating without an assistant - it reminds me of my orientation on this planet and shows me that there is more in the world, than I knew a couple of months ago.


But there is another interesting world I experience: the world of magnetism.
We all can see magnetism in action when we play with the magnets on the fridge or a blackboard - but do we really comprehend the effects magnetism plays in our daily life?
I can say, I do. Magnetic fields and things are everywhere around us.
Be it the magnet producing sound in your phones' speaker, the fan in your notebook, current transformers generating electromagnetic fields or just the handles in the subway that are made of iron.
I feel the magnetic properties of materials and electromagnetic fields. Therefore I understand a device/thing better.
When walking by a shop window I can feel the transformer responsible for the lights or the fields generated by the subway in the tunnel.


These additional senses make you think more deeply about how the world and the things in it operate and relate to each other.

As a programmer I also gave myself the ability to unlock my phone with a touch of my right hand where an RFID chip is implanted.
I also think of and develop a lot of other applications involving this implant.


The other two senses are based on an implanted magnet  and the NorthSense.

My reality now incorporates these sensual experiances and I miss them when they are not there. (E.g. I had to take NorthSense off for one week and missed the feeling of facing north.)
They are part of me the same way my ears or my smartphone are. (I am writing another article about dependency of humans on tools; I'll link it here once it is online.)
I think that this change in thinking is crucial for society today. We tend to think in a box, ignoring a lot of things outside our comfort zone. Additional senses make you more aware of the world and therefore the scociety and problems around you, even if they are miles away.


This process of extending your mind is a very fascinating and beautiful thing and I recommend it to everybody.

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