The hidden beauty

August 21, 2017

There are a lot of animals out there that utilize the invisible beauty of our earths' magnetic field: Birds use it to locate their breeding spots and cows always naturally align to this field.
More than 2000 years ago, the chinese culture tried to transcend this very limit of the human cognition by inventing the compass.


In the early beginnings this useful tool was mostly utilized for the practice of Feng Shui in which the orientation of objects within your house as well as your house itself matters a great deal. The better these objects are aligned in a specific way, indicated on a Feng Shui compass, the better the flow of the chi is.

Since then this very device has become a basic tool of society bringing up a lot of applications that we use in our daily life.

The first and probably most important use of the compass as a navigational device has allowed humans to sail the oceans longer than ever before, even in seasons that were considered risky, because sailors could get lost easily when they didn't see land.

More sailing meant a greater flow of goods and people and therefore contributed to the economic (and of course the military) strength of the country.

The compass has been used as a tool to accomplish various things. Human cognition, however, has never been enhanced.
Of course you can use the sun to navigate when you are lacking a compass; but isn't there a beauty in experiencing something like seeing and smelling delicious food instead of just looking at it through a TV?


Fun fact on the side:
Did you know, that there are certain languages that lack a relative positioning system? - Words like left right,etc do not exist. Just north, east, west and south.

As good as this language feature works on small islands where you know every spot of the place since the beginning of your life, as unhelpful it is if  (and i quote Tom Scott from this YouTube video) "you are in the London underground" or on a greater unfamiliar landmass.


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Nearly one year ago, the company Cyborgnest started shipping the first implants that would enhance human experience with a sense of direction.
Every time you face north, the NorthSense will vibrate and therefore provide you with the beauty of a new sensory input.

In the beginning this may sound strange:
How can a vibration like this be a sense?
But trust me, after some time (approx. 1-3 weeks) you preceive this small vibration as a part of yourself.

How I could possibly know that?
I live with NorthSense for approximately 2 Months now - and like my sense of smell I wouldn't want to lose it, because there are already a lot of emotions and memories bound to this sense.

The most fascinating thing though, is how it changes your mind in the period of getting used to it. You experience how you memorize stuff that is not related to something you saw or heard, but to facing north.
Facing north again later will bring back that memory the same way reading or hearing thunder brings back memories of thunderstorms you experienced.


"But if I wanted to know the directions, I would just look at my phone or take a look at a compass; what's the use of it all?"

This is a reasoning that I am confronted with most often.

Think of it like this: your phone, a compass, or even the suns' position in this case is nothing more than a tool you use when you want to know something.

Do you consider your ears a tool? - Probably not. That is because they are never turned off. You hear your surroundings if you want to or not. It is a constant flow of information.

As is the NorthSense. 

My "use" of it is to enhance my way of thought - there are so many things out there that we cannot perceive with our ancient bodily configuration.

The society you are in, as well as your body and your inputs define what you can think of. And I consider it very important that humanity overcomes the blinkers we are wearing now. 


 The NorthSense 

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. - Morpheus from the movie The Matrix

These feelings a are hard to describe to somebody who never experienced them him/herself.
But I truly recommend it to everybody:
If you are a curious and courageous human who wants to know what there is outside your body, go ahead, transcend your life - become a cyborg.

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