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December 1, 2017

I am often asked where I get all my informations from. The answer I often give (most of the time to the disappointment of my dialogue partner) is: There are so many I really can't list them all.

However, because I got this asked repeatedly, I already made some promises to write a post about at least the books I read - and today I am going to fulfil these promises.


Below you will find a list of my favourite books, along with a link to a store and a very short description of what it is about.

Enjoy browsing...


The Nexus Trilogy | Ramez Naam | Sci-Fi

    {Nexus, Crux, Apex}

    The Nexus Trilogy is about the development of a "techno-drug" that can act as an operating

    system inside the brain and the social implications of this technology.

[This is probably the book that got me hooked up with transhumanism the most.]


Physics of the Future | Michio Kaku | Popular Science

    Michio Kaku describes How our world will look like in 100 years, and splits this journey

    into three steps for which he makes rather precise predictions.


Parallel Worlds | Michio Kaku | Popular Science

    Michio Kaku takes you onto a journey through our multidimensional universe.

    He describes the concepts of the popular String theory so that everybody can understand



The Future of the Mind | Michio Kaku | Popular Science

    How does our mind work? Michio Kaku describes the mind and consciousness with his

    "Space Time" theory of consciousness.


How to Create a Mind | Ray Kurzweil | Popular Science

    Ray Kurzweil explains, how our brain works on a very technical level and theorizes how one

    could rebuild this complex system with digital technology.


More than Human | Ramez Naam | Popular Science

    Excellent book about how technology will alter what we consider being human today


Blackout | Marc Elsberg | Thriller, very well researched Fiction

    A chain of events leads to a europe wide blackout. Marc Elsberg describes the breakdown

    of society by an intriguing story.


Zero | Marc Elsberg | Thriller, very well researched Fiction

    What are the implications of our balancing act between using free services and giving

    away our privacy? An interesting story about a future of social networks.


Helix | Marc Elsberg | Thriller, very well researched Fiction

    Where should we draw the line when it comes to gene editing? A wonderful exploration

    of a very complex topic.


The Infinite Resource | Ramez Naam | Popular Science

    The Power of ideas on a finite planet.


To be a Machine | Marc O'Connell | Popular Science

    Mark O'Connell critically explores the world of transhumanism and bodymodification. 


Superintelligence | Nick Bostrom | Popular Science

    Is there an immediate threat by artificial intelligence? And if so, how can we assess

    the risks that an intelligence explosion poses to humanity?


Homo Deus | Yuval Noah Harari | Popular Science

    With his clear view on our history Yuval Noah Harari explains the future of humanity.

    A brilliant sequel to his first book.


Life 3.0 | Max Tegmark | Popular Science

    How will artificial intelligence impact all the various areas of our professional and daily

    life? MIT Professor Max Tegmark exploring the possibilities.


Heart of the Machine | Richard Yonck | Popular Science

    How will we interact with technology in the future? 



I hope you found something on this list ;)


Enhance your mind...


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