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A perfect post-nuclear-war society?

April 3, 2018

What if we got the chance to start over after a devastating nuclear war? Another chance to build a "perfect" society. Things wouldn't necessarily change; here is why...


I recently listened to "Hurra" from K.I.Z. (a german rap band). In the song they describe a simple post nuclear war society and the beauty arising from a simple life free from capitalistic constraints. It was just playing in the background and I wasn't really listening until one line caught my attention:
"Ich zeig' den Kleinen Monopoly, doch sie verstehns' nicht: 'Ein Hundert-Euro-Schein, was soll das sein? Wieso soll ich dir was wegnehmen, wenn wir alles teilen?'" which could be translated to
"I am teaching our small ones Monopoly, but they don't get it: 'A hundred euro note, what should that be? Why should I take something from you, when we share everything?'".
It got me thinking: If we got the chance to start over, could we build a more just society? A utopia, if you wish? I started a little thought experiment and as devastating as it may sound: I reached the same conclusion Michael Schermer did in the article "Utopia is a dangerous ideal: we should aim for ‘protopia’" published on aeon.co:
It is simply not possible to build a perfect society for an imperfect species.

However, as I am not a fan of bad news, I decided to think about the implications of this outcome: We may not reach utopia, but how can we take bigger steps in our protopia?
Given that humans are pretty adjustable to change, I suggest that we embrace the power of technology to alter the human condition. I have explained how my magnetic implant changed the way I think and reason about the world in multiple articles. Other body modders/cyborgs/... are feeling the same way.
If every member of our species was enabled to embrace whatever bodily change it wants, we might end up with a greater variety of world views and therefore discussions and solutions to the problems we are facing.
This is by no means the only way to do it, and there are many people who wouldn't want to change at all, but it is one chance we shouldn't miss...

Enhance your mind...


Image Credit: skeeze on Pixabay

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